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Владимир Ланцберг

Фонарщик — это и есть Володя Ланцберг, сокращенно — Берг, педагог и поэт. В его пророческой песне фонарщик зажигает звезды, но сам с каждой новой звездой становится все меньше. Так и случилось, Володи нет, а его ученики светятся. 

Педагогика Владимира Ланцберга

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Неформалы 2000ХХ

"On the path towards new school" ╧ 3 2002
The summary.

    Basing on the locality


  • Michael Epshtеin
    Unusual schools for ordinary children

    What should be a school, which teenagers attend, to provide education that meets the requirements and abilities of their age? How to change, being an ordinary school, into a school, which helps to develop ordinary teenagers, and to become an unusual school in this sense? What difficulties does a pedagogical group have to overcome on this way? Michael Epshtеin, a director of a small Saint-Petersburg public school, which tries to change itself for the sake of its young students, ponders over this problem.


    Teenager's school


    A teacher and some discipline problems

    A teacher already knows after his first days at school that his students have thousands of means to hinder the lesson, to "raise" the class and to upset an explanation of the subject. Here we publish an extract from the textbook for pedagogues and school psychologists "Education: a lore of good customs" by Svetlana Krivtsova and Ekaterina Muchamatulina, which narrates how to solve a discipline problem using a strategy of approval.


  • Sergey IVANOV
    The historical and musical scholl of laughing culture

    The basis of this article is formed by a report that took place at the seminar initiated to the alternative education in Saint-Petersburg a few years ago. Then the school, which this article is about, still worked. Unfortunately, nowadays it exists only in the remembance of its founders, students and witnesses of its activity. And its founders and initiators, still expecting the resumption of its work as an organic whole, are trying to realize its ideas and inventions in other educational projects.


    Panopticon of adolescent oddities


    Fractures are a crisis of the growth

    "Adolescent age is a crucial period. Bones are growing intensively and can be broken frequently in venturesome situations, the voice is in the making and also "breaks". And it is too much trouble for an individual ego to carry out any order of boring adults." In his habitual ironic style, the author is exploring the adolescent age crisis and reflecting on the part of an adult that can give moral support to a person, who bears this terrible process.


  • Evgeny KULESHOV
    The street "knights" (notes about street teenagers of Tihvin)

    There are some teenager groups that we do not deal with, that we know a little about, or prefer not to know at all. You will find a few notes to the portrait of those we call "hooligans" and "rabble" in the article by Eugeny Kuleshov, an explorer and scientist of modern adolescent subcultures.




  • Michael Ivanov
    The notes of the class-teacher
    If we think first about the children

    Michael Georgievich Ivanov is a Saint-Petersburg scientist experienced in teaching at school ( at first it was an ordinary school then physical and mathematical, finally it was a school of the Physical and technical institute R.A.N., as he was one of its founders.) And now being a director of the school he confesses that the most important for him are relations with his students. Being an administrator Michael Georgievich dreams to be a class-teacher.


  • Vladimir LANTSBERG
    A Pedagogical mythology

    What is a good teacher? There are at least three myths about it. The author does not approve any of the myths and gives his personal thoughts how can an ordinary but good and conscientious teacher to turn from become a successful one.


    Education: symbols, myths, names


  • John Dewey
    My pedagogical credo

    We offer you a hardly-known amidst Russian pedagogues article by John Dewey, which was written more than a hundred years ago. This text is published in Russian for the first time and it is worth reading. The ideas, which form a basis of pedagogical credo of the great American pedagogue and philosopher, are urgent up to now but, unfortunately, they are hard to be accomplished completely.


  • Boris Kupreyanov
    The myths of modern education with respect to the folk tradition

    "I was inspired to look at forms of educational work as the models of peasant community by descriptions of the way of life of Russian peasants, their rituals and entertainment". The Kostroma pedagogue and scientist suggests an original way of educational method system.


    I belong here - for whom?


  • Naum Tseytlyn
    Wondering journalists

    The problem of homeless and uncared-for children is not new. But this is a fact that in 20-s hardly ever orphans were social orphans. What were they - the waifs of "New Russia"? Their 94-year-old contemporary tells about this. His memories about his friendship with wondering journalists and poets "a boy of respectable family" has kept for all his life.


  • Michael KORDONSKY
    The personal pedagogical program "The Playground"

    "The Playground" is a name of a new social and pedagogical program of the Youth cultural center of Odessa Jovtnevy district. Its main goal is giving a chance to the members of different youth movements to meet, know and listen to each other, to understand why young people do not use the only "bright" way, but go away to the gateway, basement and other places.


    Agency of educational adventures


  • Vladimir LANTSBERG
    Who enjoy - "The Bonfires"?

    An attempt of social and technical project

    If you and your students have a passion of "the author's song", you have a unique chance to assist in absentia at the meeting "The Bonfires", which is prestigious and competent in the world of "the author's song". One of its founders, a famous bard Vladimir Lantsberg tells about the history of its creation and of what is it like.


  • Elena Kazakova
    The school is starting a journey


  • Sergey Skorikov, Julia Fedotova
    A culture of "pollination" or "cultural pollination"

    Travelling is always one of the most thrilling and available adventures. It is also a real break of the borders of the known. And if you organize a special journey it will give you a good benefit as educational event for both children and adults.

    The authors of "Agency of educational adventures" formulate the principles of an effective educational journey.

    In other words

    There is no a place in Russia where "children of war" do not exist. They are refugees from the places of military operations. And teachers often complain that these children don't look the others, they are hardly studing and hardly contact with the classmates. Probably, some of them are not ready for a normal life. And are we ready to teach them, associate with them and simply live close to them?

    Today we give the floor to the people that have tried to side with these children and appreciate their problems proceeding from their reality and war experience of their past. And the thing is that there is a terrible possibility for them to have it again in their future.


  • Tatiana Babushkina
    The notes of the treveller


  • Leonid Kitaev-Smik, Egor BALTIEV
    And Now we will make education...


  • Elvira Gorjuhina
    Now we now each other?

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