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Крошка сын к отцу пришел
Методологи-игротехники обратились к решению педагогических проблем в семье
Оглядываясь на «Тропу»
Воспоминания ветеранов неформального педагогического сообщества «Тропа»
Дед и овощ
История возникновения и развития некоммерческой рок-группы
Владимир Ланцберг

Фонарщик — это и есть Володя Ланцберг, сокращенно — Берг, педагог и поэт. В его пророческой песне фонарщик зажигает звезды, но сам с каждой новой звездой становится все меньше. Так и случилось, Володи нет, а его ученики светятся. 

Педагогика Владимира Ланцберга

Ссылки неформалов

Неформалы 2000ХХ

"On the path towards new school" N 2 2004
The summary.


  • Viktor KOSTETSKY   Education and "force resistance to the evil".

    Discussing the problem of coercion in education the author differentiate between the conceptions of the term in policy, law and education. V.Kostetsky believes that coercion in education is well investigated and so possible to manage. On the other side the author gives the examples of ways of complete differentiation of coercion and education.


  • Ekaterina ALEKSANDROVA   "The school for the child", will it be or not?

    In the article the author tries to answer many questions: what should be done to combine knowledge-centered and child-centered approaches? Why do we need the school based on the ideas of "pedagogic of freedom"? Would children try doing their best to become competent in the situation of free school?


  • Irina HOMENKO, Eugenia lASAREVA  How many doughnuts should we cell to live in the camp?

    The interview with Eugenia Lasareva and her children Vlad and Ana who live in the USA for a long time.
    The correspondent is interested in how they organize labor education in the American school, how they earn money for the school needs, how they maintain the communications between the school, children and parents.


  • Igor ANDREEV   Kauri-bank

    The article deals with some specific ways of education in African village. The traditional training of the child the imitation of adults of coincising sex, the mail rules of house keeping genealogy and learning, the rules of intercourse.


  • Yuri EELMAA   "The unknown beast" or the story of the young teacher in the 5 conflicts.

    The author of the article is the teacher of literature in the classical gymnasium. He talks about the problems waiting a young teacher at school. They are divided in the 5 groups. As the author thinks it will be easier to young teacher to work there is friendly atmosphere.


  • Georgy Andreev, Nikolay Bugaev   National school: between the past and the future.

    The problems of the natiorial school are discussed by the representatives of Yakut and Jewish school.
    What is the role of native language and religion in forming of national school? What is the place of national and world culture in educational programs? What are the other components of national school by the opinion by the opinion of the members of the discussion.


  • Alexander TRAPER   The world of tin toy soldiers

    The story is about the life-long hobby influencing the interpersonal relations with friends and relatives. The play which made the boy study history and at last helped him to choose his future profession - the teacher of history.


  • Violetta KHRYASCHEVA   ETO club

    The teacher and the student. He adult and the teenager. How can they communicate playing the game and how this enriches their life. The article of the leader of the club from Rostov-on-Don about her meetings with the teacher, Tatyana Viktorovna Babushkina.


  • Yury SHABANOV, Valentina KHOROSH   How did the beautiful tradition born

    The school-leaver's ball? Such an important event in the life of schoolchildren! V.Khorosh talks with Y.Shabanov, the director of the Lyceum in Petrozavodsk, about the holiday. Y.Shabanov recalls how the pedagogues of the Palace of the creative works of children helped the Lyceum to make the holiday unforgettable.


  • Valentina KHOROSH   Should we thank Sun for it's shining?

    What's this - to be thankful? How can one demonstrate his thankfulness to the teacher, parents etc.? The students of Lyceum #1 from Petrozavodsk reflect on the essence of thankfulness.


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