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Владимир Ланцберг

Фонарщик — это и есть Володя Ланцберг, сокращенно — Берг, педагог и поэт. В его пророческой песне фонарщик зажигает звезды, но сам с каждой новой звездой становится все меньше. Так и случилось, Володи нет, а его ученики светятся. 

Педагогика Владимира Ланцберга

Ссылки неформалов

Неформалы 2000ХХ

"On the path towards new school" N 4 2002
The summary.

    Basing on the locality


  • Sergei PLAKHOTNIKOV   An accident in the sandbox

    Children's age crises, aren't they caused by the adults unwillingness to admit children's right to live their life in accordance with their possibilities? Do we recognize that we transfer our interests and hopes on our children? The memories of our chilhood can protect us and our children from crises and help different generations to understand each other.


    Teenager's school


  • The teachers looking for the basis

    The authors of this article - are the participants of the round table by correspondence on the problems of the new Jewish school. But the themes, discussed by the teachers are similar and clear to each one who is engaged in such question: How to make children have a pleasure in education? How to make children ready to the fitting life after finishing school?


  • Valеria VINARSKAYA   And not three, and not five - it's necessary to know


    (The history based on the author's own experience, which doesn't pretend on generalization)

    What should you do, if you discover that your 12-years old adolescent - the pupil of the school for the ordinary children - doesn't know the multiplication-table absolutely? You can compare you decision with the experience of the author of the article - the former Russian, who now lives in Holland.


  • Valentina BELIK Uninvented story about mathematical fairy tales "Why I being the teacher of mathematics, began to write fairy tales with the children? This came itself somehow. I'm horrified every time I hear one say the mathematics being a bore and something uninteresting. I'm sure that there is no pupil whom you can't engage in for studying this wonderful science", - believes the teacher of mathematics of the All-Russia children's center "Orlenok" school. How she managed to do it you can read in the journal.


  • Andrew DOMBROWSKY   White sheet of paper

    In his issue we continue the serial publications by Andrew Dombrowsky "Surprise - as mother of leaning". We suggest you to read about wonderful and mysterious process of making paper and try it yourself.


    Panopticon of adolescent oddities

      Anatoly GARMAEV   Not self-confirmation but demonstration of independence

    We continue to publish some fragments from the book by the priest A. Garmaev "The stages of moral development of the child". This time the author reflects on the peculiarities of the elder teenagers.


  • Michail LURIE   Some words about girl's album

    The modern girl's album is well-known to everybody: thick exercise - book with coloured drawings, photos of favorite actors and pictures cut from the journals, filled up with wishes and songs. The history of girl's album and its significance to the teenagers is the special interest of Michail Lurje, one of our permanent authors, the investigator of the teenagers subculture.


    I belong here - for whom?


  • Michail KORDONSKY   Must we fight with common cold during plaque?

    "I'm a teacher, so skinheads and destitutes for me first of all children, difficult teenagers, not fascists or thiefs", - writes the author. His thoughts about the destinies of that children and the teachers who work with them and the attitude of the society to this problem - are in the focus of the article.


    Education: symbols, myths, names


  • Irina DEMAKOVA   Our brave captain The memories about Eduard Georgievich Kostjashkin, the outstanding teacher, scientist, famous "school-manager" (as he called himself) by Irina Dmitrievna Demakova, the professor and one of the colleagues. "He understood the school comprehensively, there were no secrets for him. I think, he knew everything about the school".




  • Eduard KOSTJASHKIN   Four types of teachers Drawing a general conclusion from many years of observations and leadership in large pedagogical teams, Eduard Kostjashkin found out that there are 4 main types of teachers: intellectual, strong-willed, emotional and organizer. Of course, the division is a comparative one, but it helps much when it is necessary to improve distribution of the teachers in out-of-schedule work.



  • The children's organizations of Russia The 2nd issue of the guide over the pedagogical Internet is dedicated to the children's social organizations. How this topic is represented in the net tells us the chief of subdivision Michail Kordonsky. He believes that the complete Internet-guide over children's organizations of Russia is to be created.


  • The contents and summaries in Russian

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