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Владимир Ланцберг

Фонарщик — это и есть Володя Ланцберг, сокращенно — Берг, педагог и поэт. В его пророческой песне фонарщик зажигает звезды, но сам с каждой новой звездой становится все меньше. Так и случилось, Володи нет, а его ученики светятся. 

Педагогика Владимира Ланцберга

Ссылки неформалов

Неформалы 2000ХХ

"On the path towards new school" N 2 2003
The summary.


  • Wacheslav Bucatov   The mystery of the teacher's profession.

    The specialists in educational methods insist on uneffectiveness of aimless actions. But this very "methodically correct" aim on the lesson could kill the intrigue, creating by teacher, which helps to involve students in education through the play. Wacheslav Bucatov, Doctor of pedagogy reflects on the role of mystery in the teacher's profession.


  • Elena Yanovitskaya   The great didactics without home works.

    We continue publishing the story by one of the oldest teachers and schooling organizer from St. Petersburg about the essence and possibilities of different level approach to educating. In the author's opinion the approach help to solve "three main practical problems: how to teach without home works; how to ensure bringing up through the influence of education character; how to teach and to bring up everyone educating all together".


  • Michail Epshtein   The method destroying school routine.

    The author tells about the history of creation of "the method of projects" and its application in different countries in the last century and nowadays.


  • Vladimir Lantsberg   The painters.

    "This is a small part of pupil-faced school. They organize planned teaching, but not forcible, they create the special life to make a pupil want to learn and ask to teach him." The story is about one of the educational projects, about the appearance of fairy picture on the school wall.


  • Andrew Dombrowsky   A cup of coffee...with the Danish queen.

    How to create a good project? What are the patterns of the work on the project? And what is the project in general? All who have tried to answer these questions would read the reflections of the author with interest. For many years he use "the method of projects" in his work.


  • Tatyana Kalinina   Frightening fairy-tales of modern art.

    "Modern art, - notes the author, - reveals itself as the world hostile bringing up, especially adolescents." Tatyana Kalinina, an architect, painter and teacher from Ekaterinburgh, shares her know-how.


  • Eduard Kostyashkin   "Their life like sponge is saturated by repression."

    An extract from the book by the famous teacher Eduard Kostyashkin "The individual work in the school with difficult children" turns teacher's mind to a complicated question of how to estimate an abnormal behavior of the adolescents.


  • Elena Chepurnyh An appeal to not indifferent people.

    On the eve of the All-Russia scientific-practical conference "Tendencies of the development of children's organizations and units in the third millennium" our journal publish an appeal of Elena Chepurnyh, the chairmen of the World Union of children's public organizations "The Union of pioneer organizations - Federation of children organizations (UPO-FCO)".


  • Boris Vulfov Paradoxes of equality and dialectics of distance.

    How to avoid pseudodemocracy in the children's public unit - voluntary unit of children and adults? How to keep the distance determining the different responsibility in the questions of existence of the unit in the conversations about equal rights of children and adults? And at the same time not to loose close and friendly relations? These are the questions the author reflects on.


  • Elena Silayeva   The levels of growing up: step-by-step.

    The unit of children and adults "Krug" is 13. During these years several generations of pupils changed and their own "methods of growing up" was created. It helps both children and adults to be responsible for the other and for him.


  • Yuri Listopadov   Will this time come?

    An appeal to all, who is interested in the project of the tent camps in summer 2003, personal contacts with their organizers-representatives of different children's organizations.


  • Marina Miroshkina   Were I can be myself...

    The article deals with the development of club movement in our country, the problems which solve the teachers-organizers of the clubs in the places of residence, the forms of inter-club communications. The author is the expert of the Department of youth policy MERF.


  • Gennady Asiryanov, Maria Mirkes Useful and bad help to children-orphans.


  • Maria Mirkes   Social partnership: thoughts and commentaries.

    These two articles continue the discussion of modern conditions and problems of social-pedagogic work with the children, lost parent's guardianship, began on the pages of our journal.


    Michail Kordonsky   Pedagogic poetry (observation of the sites)

    In the 4-th issue of the guide over pedagogic Internet the chief of subdivision will conduct you over the searching systems. After that you could find the sites of domestic teachers, famous for their discoveries in the growing up of adolescents.

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