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Владимир Ланцберг

Фонарщик — это и есть Володя Ланцберг, сокращенно — Берг, педагог и поэт. В его пророческой песне фонарщик зажигает звезды, но сам с каждой новой звездой становится все меньше. Так и случилось, Володи нет, а его ученики светятся. 

Педагогика Владимира Ланцберга

Ссылки неформалов

Неформалы 2000ХХ

"On the path towards new school" ╧ 2 2002
The summary

    Basing on the locality

  • Eugeny SHULESHKO, Natalia KASITSINA, Andrey RUSAKOV "Only teenagers themselves if they were normally taught at the primary school are able to create a school for teenagers"

    An interview with Eugeny Eugenievich Shuleshko, a well-known Moscow psychologist, the author of the original method of literacy training.

    Teenager's school

  • Andrey SPERANSKY "A castaway in the class"

    Andrey Valentinovich Speransky, a Krasnoyarsk sociologist, talks on the matter of appearance of castaways and tells teachers what to do if there is a castaway in the class.


  • Sergey KURGANOV "Tests with a "human face" (Part Two)

    What happens if we use a test not only as an examination of students' skills and learning but also as a very effective way of training? - read about it in the sequel of an article by Sergey Kurganov, one of the founders of the School of Intercultural Dialogs, a person who elaborates the mathematics program in the system of developing training (a program of Davidov and Elkonin).


  • Michael KORDONSKY "An absolutely serious SMILEick"

    Certainly, all of us have this sensible thought - teenagers should have a possibility to take part in the real commercial terms to get an experience of earning money by their own labor. But nowadays an adult teacher, who takes a risk to accomplish this idea, will have to organize his own business and invent special vacancies for the teenagers, he will have to run his business, educate and train at the same time. How? One of the examples is the "SMILEick" club organized by the famous Odessa pedagogue and journalist Michael Kordonsky.

    Panopticon of adolescent oddities

  • Michael LURIE "What and what for do our children write on the walls?"

    Writings on the wall have become an imprescriptible part of the urban scenery. Is it a sign of the cultural decline or an appearance of a new "wall" language? The author of the article - the Petersburg art critic and specialist in folklore Michael Lurie - ponders over this problem.


  • Valery Sofilov "Who do your side with?"

    If once you sincerely try to tell yourself everything that you keep in mind concerning the selfsame teenagers, you will realize that you can't side with them. And it is impossible to live with teenagers together, educate them and grow them up without fighting, as we are on the different sides of the "barricade". How can we solve this problem? Valery Sofilov reflects upon the question.

    Education: symbols, myths, names

  • Valery PUZYREVSKY "Invisible sources of the method systems"

    "It seems to me, it might be great if these pedagogues, by some fantastic chance, met together and communicated on the matter of their viewpoint of education. What a sensible talk would take place if, let us assume, Makarenko, Ivanov, Dewey and Rogers happened to be at one round table." - the philosopher Valery Puzyrevsky suggests us to take part in the conversation. (Written using the materials of the pedagogic works of A. S. Makarenko, I. P. Ivanov, D. Dewey, K. Rogers and the private archives of I. P. Ivanov).

    I belong here - to whom?

  • Evgeny RUDAKOV "A rural school in the city. (Essays of the social and pedagogic reanimation)"

    Doctor Evgeny Rudakov got this items after nine years of work as a director of the Center of psychological, pedagogic, medical and social aid to children, which was founded in 1993 in Desnogorsk of Smolensky oblast.

    Agency of educational adventures

  • Evgeny KULESHOV "Nationality: orc, conjuror, dwarf, elf, troll, hobbit (underline the right item)"

    Some touches for a portrait of the role-play followers' community ("rolevicks"), their history and evolution are the major topics of the essay by Evgeny KULESHOV, an explorer of modern adolescent subcultures.


  • Boris KUPRIJANOV, Alexey PODOBIN "The camp of role-play game Centaur"

    A successful union of role-play interested scientists, teachers and methodologists with groups of exalted adults and children exists in Kostroma. The result of this union is a constant development of role-play technologies as a mean of educational practice. Read about the appearance of the role-play game-epopee "Intercultural Dialog" and eight-year-old experience of the camp of role-play games "Centaur" in the article of the scientists, the founders of the camp, Boris Kuprejanov and Alexey Podobin.


  • Konstantin MIRONOV "I play fairyland of the Medieval and fantasy"

    Recently, one more youth club was founded in Saint Petersburg. The club unifies teenagers interested in a fairy world of the Middle Ages and fantasy. The leader of the club Konstantin Mironov tells about the organization - what it lives for, what rules exist there, how to become a member of the Order, to deserve nobility or to be called a knight.


  • Liliya PYROZHKOVA "The plurality of fantasy worlds"

    The methodologist of the Kareliya`s IPKRO L. Pyrozhkova arranges a detailed guidebook over the literary ocean of fantasy.

    In other words

  • Anatoly TSYRULNIKOV "The identity card"

    "There is a lot of different theories on human abilities. But there are more vague points in this theme (not without a reason we say about God giving a talent). The only thing given to us, which can be authentic, is our own life." An autobiographic essay of the famous scientist, teacher, writer and journalist Anatoly Tsyrulnikov.


  • Boris JARMACHOV "The Guitar"

    "┘As a crawfish with its claws I clang into the cover of the guitar desiring not to let them outrage upon my darling. But my rival was older and stronger. Pushing me so that my woolen cap fell down of my head into the mud, he bared my guitar by one jerk and put its tender skin under a merciless November wind." - A story of the teacher from Nijny Novgorod Boris Yarmachov.

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